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Is this your first time here?

Your user account for the ELE is automatically created the first time you are due to attend a course at the RSME. Your initial login details will be sent via your Chain of Command to provide you access to your Joining Instructions and other pre-course administration.

If you have not had an account before and are due on a course at the RSME then your account will be created and instructions sent out via your Chain of Command around 5 weeks before the start date of your course. We cannot create accounts through requests via the Service Support Desk.

When you login for the first time you will be required to do the following:

  1. Choose a new unique password for your account
  2. Enter a password recovery email address

Please remember your password as your ELE User Account remains available to you after your course and will be used again for any future RSME courses you attend and your password will NOT be changed.

Help / FAQ

I've forgotten my username
Your username is your Service/Army Number. Usernames are not case-sensitive.
The password I have been provided does not work
  • Please check the caps lock on your keyboard. Passwords are case senstive
  • You may have used your ELE account before where you will have been required to change the password. If you cannot remember setting a password then please follow the I've forgotten my password instructions below.

Requalification & Retention Courses/Tests

If you have directed to the ELE for a requalification test or retention course then your request will need to be approved by the course facilitators. Please check the list below for instructions for the course.

Demolitions Requalification's
Please contact with your details and evidence of your existing qualification, e.g. screenshot of JPA competence.

I've forgotten my password

Please use the forgotten password functionality using your service number as your username. This will send an email to the email address on your account if it is available. E-Mails are sent instantly and should take no more than a couple of minutes to arrive.

If for whatever reason we are unable to send the email you will be provided further instructions.

Password Reset »

Service Support Desk

Please attempt to recover your password through the Password Recovery page before calling the Service Support Desk, this process will take no more than 2 minutes. However it may take several hours to respond to SSD requests, if you are likely to be unable to answer the contact number provided please provide the SSD with an E-Mail address as well.

If you have been unable to recover your account using the password reset functionality then you will need to have the account recovered manually.

The Service Support Desk will collect some details from you and give you a GLB Case Number as a tracking number. You may be asked for your GLB Number later so keep it written down. We aim to call you back within 1 working day.

Civ Phone
01634 82 99 44
Mil Phone
961 44 99 44